Can You Get Nicotine Poisoning Vaping With E Cigarettes?

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    It is very uncommon to hear about people getting e cig nicotine poisoning while vaping, and there are a couple of very good reasons for that. Nicotine poisoning is an acute condition, and apparently those who have had to go through this, say that this is a very serious situation to be in. Why is it so bad?

    It is Hard To Get Nicotine PoisoningIt can make you feel like you are about to die, and often mimics the symptoms of other serious conditions like heart attacks and food poisoning.  Thankfully, it is pretty damn near impossible for someone to ever take in enough nicotine to get to that point, and we will take a look at why this is and how it could possibly happen. Let’s first look at how nicotine poisoning makes someone feel when it gets to that point.

    What Nicotine Poisoning Symptoms Could You Feel?

    The most common symptoms of nicotine poisoning can include:

    • abdominal cramping, agitation, rapid breathing, stop breathing, burning mouth feeling, coma, confusion, depression, drooling, fainting, headache, pounding heartbeat, weakness, vomiting

    The first thing about electronic cigarettes that would make it difficult to consume enough nicotine to get poisoning is that vaping does not deliver nicotine into the bloodstream nearly as fast as smoking real tobacco cigarettes does.

    Since the only studies on nicotine poisoning indicate that a 170 pound adult would have to absorb all of the nicotine from 35 cigarettes – all at the same time – it is even more unlikely that it would occur with e cigarettes. This is because only about 40% of the nicotine in the e Liquid is absorbed through the lungs with vapor, so you would have to at least double those numbers at least to get nicotine poisoning with e cigarettes.

    How Many E Cigarettes You Would Have To Vape To Get Nicotine Poisoning

    This means that you would have to take in about 80 times the amount of nicotine vapor that a regular e cigarette produces to get nicotine poisoning. This is the equivalent of getting caffeine poisoning from drinking coffee. A 170 pound adult would have to drink nearly 5 gallons of coffee straight to get caffeine poisoning. Again, it is so highly unlikely that someone would or even could consume that much, so worrying about it is pretty much a waste of time.

    Being halfway smart is the best course of action when vaping. You don’t want to quit smoking, start vaping – not get enough nicotine to stay alert – and then chain vape for 2 days straight to stay awake. That just isn’t smart. Could you get electronic cigarette nicotine poisoning if you did this? I would say that most people would probably get sick before getting poisoning, and that if they could get through that, then yes.

    It would be like drinking 5 gallons of coffee. If you could get through your stomach having a hole burnt through it, and all of that acid in your gut – you could get caffeine poisoning if you could somehow hold down that much java.

    What To Do If Electronic Cigarettes Make You Feel Weird or Sick

    Nicotine is a stimulant like caffeine, and when either of these are taken in high quantities, they usually cause rapid heartbeat and breathing. They also cause you to not feel hungry, and this works against you because you will most likely not eat. Eating would dilute either caffeine or nicotine in the bloodstream, and would mitigate the stimulant effects of both.

    You should Be Fine If You Don't Do Something StupidTo take in a large enough quantity of nicotine to feel acute sickness, you would have to drink the eLiquid straight, and then not vomit it up. That would be highly stupid to try, probably wouldn’t work, and could get you sick. The same thing would happen if you drink Draino under the kitchen sink.

    According to other research studies, the only way a small child could get nicotine poisoning would be to smoke an entire real cigarette, since the nicotine is absorbed quickly. They could also get it if they eat a nicotine patch – which is highly unlikely. If you start vaping, and feel sick in any way, just cut back your use of e cigarettes.

    It is pretty simple. Light smokers are more vulnerable to feeling the effects of too much nicotine than heavy smokers are. Just use your head, and either cut back on using e cigs or stop using them – especially if you start feeling nauseous, or if you feel weird – and you should be just fine. The weird feeling should go away soon, and drinking fruit juices or eating should help to speed up the process of diluting the nicotine you already took in.


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      Thank you for dropping by - My name is Robert Jahor. I am an ex-smoker that broke free from tobacco cigarettes after 7 years of trying - by switching to e cigarettes instead. Please feel free to look around and make yourself at home. I am always here if you have any questions.


      5 thoughts on “Can You Get Nicotine Poisoning Vaping With E Cigarettes?

      1. In my experience V2 has been evnyrthieg I hoped for. I did A LOT of research before settling on V2 as my e-cig, and since my starter kit arrived (over a month ago) I have not had a cigarette. They have managed to mimic the whole sensation/feeling/throat hit of smoking an actual cigarette. Use the code 75965 on the final payment page and it will save you 15 percent on your starter kit. V2 has changed my life and no i do not work for them just love the product.

      2. After attemping to quit smoking for 7 years, failing miserably and then moving to
        E-cigarettes, does this not tell you that you have an addiction problem,
        And therefore your daily life is controlled by this addiction?
        You have placed your basic daily life under the control of a substance
        That have no positive function in human cognitive or pysiological development.

        Let’s go furher, what about the difficulties in child psycological development; ADHD, ADD etc?

        • Hi Cameron,

          Yeah I definitely have an addiction to nicotine that is very hard to break. For me, being able to take the nicotine without all of the other harmful chemicals that could possibly kill me is a god-send. There is no evidence that nicotine kills people, but we know for a fact that the other stuff in cigarettes kills over 50% of the users.

          E-cigarettes are a fantastic option for people that need to get off of the arsenic, tar, ammonia… and 2000+ other chemicals in real cigarettes…

          Thanks for your input!

          - Robert

      3. Thanks for your feedback, but you still haven’t mentioned the effect on non smokers who live with those experiencing nicotine addiction…. the new acigarette advert will be shown this weekend, the guy will miss his child’s first step, but the child will get a good dose of all the pollutants he inhaled from the cigarette when he returns to the room.
        Likewise, 40% of the nicotine from the ecigarettee will be absorbed directly into your bloodstream to release dopamine in your brain, but the other 60% will be inhaled by those around you. So yes, they too will be experiencing the effect of the nicotine and can become addicted to it.
        I speak from a professional capacity and would like you and all nicotine users to take onboard the effects it has on those around you, especially children and the frail.

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