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    One of the common misconceptions in popular opinion is that electronic cigarettes produce smoke like real tobacco cigarettes do. In fact, only 4 out of 10 people have actually even heard of e cigarettes, so the lack of general understanding makes sense. Electronic cigarettes basically produce flavored water vapor with nicotine in it. It is similar to a humidifier that makes steam, and is literally just a small vaporizer. Inside the mouthpiece portion of the e cigarette is a vapor chamber where this nicotine vapor is created.

    Ejuice makes Electronic Cigs GoThe e cigarette creates nicotine water vapor by heating up a tiny hot plate called an atomizer, which vaporizes one drop of E Liquid when the user takes a drag. E Liquid is simply another name for electronic cigarette juice, e juice, or nicotine juice. ELiquid is made up of several substances, including flavoring, nicotine and an oily solution which dilutes the nicotine. Most vapers enjoy the control that E Liquid provides, by being able to adjust the amount of nicotine, flavor, and the amount of vapor that is inhaled.

    Heavy smokers can customize their vaping experience by using their favorite e cig liquids that have higher levels of nicotine – perhaps 24mg to 60mg is what is needed to curb the cravings. It comes in a wide variety of flavors, with the favorite types of e liquid nicotine ranging from real tobacco and menthol – to the more exotic tastes like pina colada and pineapple. This is why electronic cigarettes are experiencing extremely high demand right now, as more and more smokers find that they can get the nicotine without all of the harmful chemicals that tobacco have in them. Figuring out where to buy electronic cigarette e liquid can be tough in California, since they are making tobacco and menthol flavors the only ones that can be sold.

    Base Liquids Used To Dilute The Liquid Nicotine For Electronic Cigarettes

    Regardless of how you like to customize your vaping experience, there are a variety of types of eliquid to make every ex-smoker happy. The 2 most popular base ingredients that make up ejuice are Vegetable glycerin and Propylene glycol. About 20% of vapers buy electronic cigarette liquid today with vegetable glycerin (VG) as the base ingredient, which is a plant oil that produces a sweeter vapor. VG is a good eliquid base to go with for some people that have an allergy to PG. VG is very popular with women because of how sweet the vapor is, and with the exploding number of electronic cigarette juice types being made, it very well may continue to grow in popularity. VG is thicker than PG, and this is why it does not produce as much vapor as PG does.

    Vapers Love The Different ELiquid FlavorsThe other 80% of vapers use propylene glycol (PG) based eLiquid, which typically produces thicker plumes of vapor – and according to most users – is more like smoking a real tobacco cigarette. Some uneducated people and anti-vaping propaganda has been aimed at making out PG to be an unsafe ingredient – but the truth is that PG is safe for most people. The FDA has officially classified propylene glycol as GRAS – which mean Generally Recognized as Safe by experts.

    Most of the confusion swirling around Propylene glycol has to do with the fact that the name is very similar to a toxic chemical called propylene glycerol. Propylene Glycerol is used to make antifreeze and heavy duty cleaners, but is absolutely nothing like propylene glycol. In fact, you probably eat PG a lot more than you even know – it is in so many different things. It is used in all kinds of different foods like chocolate, margarine, baked goods, chewing gum, and frozen dairy products.

    Some of the newer eliquids on the market now have a combination of VG and PG. More and more companies are creating their ejuice with a mixture of the 2 bases, which produces both a sweeter and thicker vapor at the same time.

    Other Ways That Electronic Cigarette Juice Types Are Customized

    Most new vapers have to go through an adjustment period when they start tinkering with their ELiquid. Usually if you buy cartridges for your electronic cigarette that have a flavor you like, they may or may not have the amount of nicotine that you need. This is one of the biggest difference between smoking and vaping, and is one of the biggest reasons why so many people are turning to the safer nicotine alternative. You can literally mix in the amount of nicotine you want by adding it directly to your cartridge (or cartomizer) – but it takes steady hands to prevent spills.

    The ability to vary your nicotine is ideal for heavy ex-smokers, who can add eliquid with 60mg for the kick they need. It is also a great option for light ex-smokers, and the best e cigarette juice might have just 6mg-10mg per serving. The really cool option that electronic cigarettes provide that real cigarettes don’t is that you can even use eLiquid with no nicotine in it at all. This is really catching on with kids in high school – and gives them the freedom to still be cool and fit in with their friends – without having to take in stimulants or other harsh chemicals present in tobacco smoke.

    Another huge benefit of being able to customize your eLquid is that folks looking to kick the nicotine habit for good can gradually taper down over the course of many months. This is particularly good news for people that have smoked for 10 to 20 years, and was key is helping many vapers finally quit real tobacco products for good.


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