The Hot Smokeless Delite E Cigarette Review

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    Smokeless Delite has consistently been one of the top e cigarette companies for the past 5 or so years, and for good reason. Offering a lifetime warranty on all of their products has set them apart from many of their competitors, and illustrates their high level of commitment to producing quality electronic cigarettes, refill cartridges, and starter kits as the industry has seen many other companies enter the market. They offer competitive pricing and above average products that keep their loyal users coming back for more. To find out more about this unique and interesting e cigarette brand, take a minute and read my Smokeless Delite review.

    smokeless delite pleasure-kitSince Smokeless Delite made a splash on the e cigarette scene in 2007, the company’s most popular electronic cigarette by far has been their Premo e cigarette. The Premo is about the same size as the popular Blu Cigs, and is perfect for folks that are concerned about having an e cig that performs well and still provides the value they want with separate atomizer (instead of a cartomizer which combines the atomizer and cartridge).

    The main benefit of having a separate atomizer piece is that the refill cartridges are a lot cheaper, since they don’t each come with a new atomizer. With 3 part e cigarettes, there is more routine cleaning and maintenance, however, since you have to clean the tar and nicotine from 3 parts instead of just 2. Another reason most companies are primarily offering 2 part e cigarettes nowadays is that they tend to have more consistent performance over time – but if you want cash savings and value, you can get a 5-pack of refills for just $12.99.

    If you just don’t want the hassle of the extra cleaning with a separate atomizer and possibility of eLiquid spills, Smokeless Delite has you covered. They started offering cartridges with the atomizers built-in back in 2009 – and a 5 pack of these refill cartomizers will run you $24.99. The adapter to use these cartos with the Premo e cigarette comes standard with their starter kits.

    Smokeless Delite Premo Pleasure Starter Kit – priced at $29.95

    1 battery
    1 atomizer
    1 adapter for use with cartomizer
    1 regular wall charger
    10 pack of refill cartridges
    30 day money back guarantee
    Lifetime warranty
    Owners Manual

    Smokeless Delite E Cigs Website

    smokeless-delite-elation-kitThe refill cartridges can be setup on a monthly home delivery auto-ship program, which will get you an additional 15% discount off of their standard prices – with the convenience of not having to remember to order each month. This is a really good option since their refills are a little pricey without the discount, but if you like the performance and smaller e cigarette profile of the Premos, the auto-ship makes their e cigs a good deal.

    The batteries have an average power and capacity rating. Most Smokeless Delite users say that 2 fully charged batteries will provide you with about as much vapor as smoking a pack of real tobacco cigarettes, and that the Premos produce nice thick plumes of vapor. Since their e cigs use average sized batteries, you should keep this in mind, and probably go with the Elation Kit or get an extra battery if you plan on vaping more than a half of a pack a day. This will help you to avoid having to always wait for just one battery to recharge.

    Smokeless Delite Elation Starter Kit – priced at $69.95

    2 batteries
    2 atomizers
    1 adapter for use with cartomizer
    1 regular wall charger
    1 USB charger
    15 pack of refill cartridges
    1 Universal carrying case
    30 day money back guarantee
    Lifetime warranty
    Owners Manual

    Smokeless Delite eLiquid Flavor Choices

    Most faithful customers of Smokeless Delite comment about how they like their flavor lineup. They have a clean, mild taste – with no chemical after taste like many of the cheaper foreign e cigarettes. Even though they have a smaller selection of flavors to choose from, the company has plans to introduce many more flavors in 2013 and 2014. They have focused on making their flavors high quality, and have done an admirable job.

    The Smokeless Delite Flavor Lineup Includes:

    Rich Tobacco
    Minty Menthol
    Pineapple Passion
    Sweet Strawberry
    Energy Drink (like Red Bull)

    Other Things To Consider With Smokeless Delite

    smokeless delite deluxe-kitOur visitors comment about other things that have helped Smokeless Delite to remain among the top e cig companies in the market for so long. Most users say that the company provides very good customer service, and that orders are usually processed correctly and arrive at your home on time. It is rare that you hear of anything less than excellent in the service department. This has always been Smokeless Delite’s strong suit, and with the money back guarantee and lifetime warranty, they make trying their brand easy for newbie vapers.

    The only real drawback with Smokeless Delite is that they do not provide the extra vaping accessories that some value-minded users may be looking for. Their management has talked about expanding their product lines to include drip tips, funnels, and ejuice bottles, but have not set a firm date for bringing those to market yet. If you are looking to refill your own cartridges by hand, for now, you will have to look to another e cig brand.

    Final Thoughts on Smokeless Delite
    Smokeless Delite e cigarettes and starter kits are competitively priced, and provide a very good vaping and ordering experience. They are a solid company with an excellent reputation, and back up all of their products with an excellent money back guarantee and lifetime warranty on product defects. If you don’t mind having a smaller selection of flavor choices and DIY cartridge refill products, you should definitely give them a try.

    Smokeless Delite E Cigs Site


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      1. Smokeless delite has better vapor than i heard about. My girlfriend lost her My7′s, so i ended up trying her SDelites, and they were pretty spot on w the flavor and price

      2. I like them a lot. Got the thickest vapor of any e cigs I havent modded by hand, and the batteries seem to last longer too. Nice call :)

      3. Has any one on this forum had any problems with the customer service or ordering? I tried a smokeless delite e cig at a party last week, and think it really could help me to quit using cigarettes. I really like the real tobacco flavor….. but was just wondering how things would go if they mess up my order. Thanks Robert

      4. This is just a scam by the company to get enisnormentalivts to smoke more freaks and they cost more than CIGS invented and if you break your screwed for a week or two, until they ship you a new one after you paid only shit load of money for something that half assed and atleast CIGS is true in America

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