Incredible Victory E Cigarette Review – and Offer!

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    Victory e cigarettes are perfect for folks that like good flavor, solid e cigarette performance, and a low price. Victory has differentiated themselves in the marketplace as a company that has built a solid reputation based on providing good service and products, instead of through slick advertising and marketing like most electronic cigarette companies have. I actually learned about Victory E Cigs from a friend of mine, that suggested that I take them up on their $20 starter kit offer (expired 12/1/12).

    Instead of creating an impression in people’s minds through television – they rely on word of mouth advertising, and it really works for them. If you are interested in learning more about their offers and products, continue reading my Victory e cigarette review below.

    Victory E Cigs-Carrying CaseOne of the first things that you need to be aware of is that Victory’s website is not the most transparent in the world, and perhaps they did this to pleasantly surprise their visitors. Victory always seems to be promoting special offers, discounts, and a variety of coupons, so if you haven’t tried them yet – chances are good that they have a deal on one of their kits or products. This is not always easy to find, and I will show you how to keep abreast of their specials below.

    One of the comments you hear most about Victory e cigarettes is how convenient they are, and with a “keep it simple” business model like Starfire Cigs, you won’t be confused by an overwhelming number of options when you consider purchasing their products. They have 2 membership programs that you can choose from, if you are interested in having refill cartridges shipped to your home each month. With one of the 2 auto ship options, you get a 33% discount on refills, and for the heavy vaper, they offer a 40% discount when you get more refill cartridges each month.

    Victory e cigarette users seem to be very happy with the performance of their e cigarette product line, and most people say it delivers a realistic “smoking like” experience. Victory has apparently figured out how to get very good performance out of a smaller sized e cigarette. They are well known for their excellent vapor production volume, which is surprising for an e cigarette that is the same size as a real tobacco “100s” cigarette. If you like smaller sized e cigarettes, Victory is one you should definitely try out for yourself.

    Victory E Cigs Website

    The Victory E Cigarette Starter Kits

    Victory has a nice selection of starter kits to choose from, including what they call a Micro E Cigarette Starter Kit, which is really just an e cigarette with 2 cartomizers. At $12.99 the Micro Kit is a really inexpensive way to try the Victory e cigarette products for the first time, and find out if you like the taste and performance.

    Micro e Cigarette Starter Kit – priced at $12.99

    1 Battery
    1 USB Charger
    2 Refill Cartridges
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    Lifetime warranty on all cartomizers, batteries, and chargers

    Express e Cigarette Starter Kit – priced at $14.99

    1 Battery
    1 Regular Wall Charger
    1 USB Charger
    2 Refill Cartridges
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    Lifetime warranty on all cartomizers, batteries, and chargers

    Victory E Cigarettes-Full Starter KitThe most popular Victory e cigarettes starter kit is the Full Starter Kit. The Full Starter Kit offers more value than other comparable e cig starter kits, and this is because it includes 6 cartridge refills, a regular wall charger, a USB charger, and a car adapter. Most starter kits being sold at prices between $50 and $60 typically only include 5 refill cartridges and 2 of the 3 chargers, but with Victory you get a better deal.

    Full e Cigarette Starter Kit – priced at $59.99

    1 Battery
    I Regular Wall Charger
    1 USB Charger
    1 Car Charger
    6 Refill Cartridges
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    Lifetime warranty on all cartomizers, batteries, and chargers

    Mega e Cigarette Starter Kit – priced at $199.99

    Mega E Cigarette Starter Kit Includes:
    2 Batteries
    I Regular Wall Charger
    1 USB Charger
    1 Car Charger
    1 Lanyard
    1 Universal Carrying Case
    21 Refill Cartridges
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee
    Lifetime warranty on all cartomizers, batteries, and chargers

    Victory eLiquid Refill Cartridge Flavors

    Victory E Cigarettes-Mega Starter KitMost users remark about how good the Tobacco and Menthol flavors are, and after having tried them for myself, I can say that they are above average without a doubt. They do not have an extensive flavor lineup, but the eliquid flavors that Victory offers are above average and represent a tremendous value. Most users comment about how the e Liquid taste is well-balanced, and how it not too sweet like some other brands.

    Rich American Tobacco
    Fresh Mint Menthol

    Nicotine Concentration Options

    One of the really cool options you have with Victory e cigarettes is that they offer refill cartridges with varying amounts of nicotine e liquid. You can choose from a regular or light amount of nicotine, which is an excellent and often overlooked option – and comes in very handy if you are a lightweight a vaping newbie – or if you are tapering back on the amount of nicotine you use each day.

    Regular Nicotine 1.6%
    Low Nicotine 1%
    NO Nicotine

    Other Things to Consider with Victory E Cigarettes

    Victory offers a full lifetime warranty on all of their products. This is one of the best warranties in the industry, and really demonstrates the company’s commitment to their customers. Most other e cigarette companies only give you a lifetime warranty if you are on their auto-ship programs, but with Victory E Cigs, this is their standard way of doing business.

    If you like having your refill cartridges auto-shipped each month, you can enroll in one of their 2 membership programs. You can choose the $19.95 option if you want a 10-pack home delivered, or you can go with the 15-pack each month for $26.95. With both of the programs, you can expect an additional battery every 3 months, which is just another plus for most folks. Either way, you are sure to get a terrific value with Victory, and most other e cig companies provide auto-ship each month that will cost you anywhere between 20 and 50% more.

    If you like disposable e cigarettes, you will probably like the Victory disposable e cigarette. You can pick one up for $9.99, and you will find again that the quality of the vaping experience is above average. Most users say that the disposable delivers thick clouds of vapor, which is a little better than the rechargeable e cig. You can expect around 300-350 drags from the victory disposable as well, which is pretty typical for most disposable e cigarette brands.

    Final Thoughts

    Victory e cigarettes represent a terrific value overall. They have a fantastic lifetime warranty on all batteries, atomizers, and chargers – which is better than almost all other companies. They have an easy ordering system, and provide good customer service. Most people will be very happy with when they try Victory e cigarettes, and with a FREE starter kit that you can take advantage of right now, you really can’t go wrong.

    Update: 11/16/12 Our research has found that people interested in Victory E Cigs have been getting great results using the Victory E Cigs Starter Kit.

    Example results in image below.

    Victory E Cigs Testimonials

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    Victory E Cigs Site


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      Thank you for dropping by - My name is Robert Jahor. I am an ex-smoker that broke free from tobacco cigarettes after 7 years of trying - by switching to e cigarettes instead. Please feel free to look around and make yourself at home. I am always here if you have any questions.


      20 thoughts on “Incredible Victory E Cigarette Review – and Offer!

        • they got nicotine psoeining from trying 3 drops from 50 different e-juice flavors in under one hour (of course that IS dangerous)..but all were like 24mg I am NOT saying ecigs are back I support ecigs ..but people are chain vaping and not knowing 1 cig only contains .8 mg or 1 mg of nic. supposedly victory e cigs have more nic than the other brands

      1. I went ahead and got the free trial kit Robert – will let you know what i think once i try them this week. thx for your time writing it all up

      2. My son brought me a Victory e-cig for Christmas and I have not smoked a real cigarette since! I’m sold on them and reccomend to everyone I know who smokes. Whether you want to quit or not.

      3. I ordered the VICTORY ECIG on January 5th, 2013, It was the starter kit and paid $01 cent for the starter kit. As of today January 16th, I HAVE NOT RECEIVED NOTHING,

        Why is it taking so long to receive my order? My order # is 73385

        I’ve been reading a lot about VICTORY and it hasn’t been good…

        Would like to get an answer

        Thank you

        Albert Allen

        • Hi Albert, I ordered one of the free trial kits in December, and it took about 2 weeks to arrive. It is probably because of the holidays, but it arrived and the order was correct.

          Give these guys a chance yourself Albert. Probably 4 out of 5 people that I have spoken with about their experience with victory cigs has kept ordering from them monthly after trying them out, so I believe that they are very solid.

          Have a good one!


          • Hi Robert,
            I also have been waiting. Ordered on Jan. 11 and as of Jan. 24, no product. Been trying to contact for two days with no luck at all. I even used the call back option and nothing. Is this the way it’s going to be every time you need customer service? If so, I’m going else ware. Sorry.
            Thanks, Jim

          • There are varying ntnoiice strengths available. I know of a person who switched to e-cigs because it has the look and feel of a real cigarette, then gradually downgraded their ntnoiice level until they were at ZERO ntnoiice level (just flavoring). So yes, they do have a zero ziltch nada ntnoiice with just the PG and flavoring. It’s EXCELLENT. I was a pack a day smoker since I was 19 (26 now) and I’ve been off cigarettes since 12/23/10

        • I ordered mine on Jan 7. Today is Feb 3, and I haven’t seen it yet, though they said to allow for 2 1/2 weeks. I received and email on Jan 30 saying it had been shipped. The USPS tracking info only says that they were notified, because it was mailed First Class. So, IF I see it tomorrow, that’s exactly 4 WEEKS.

          I’m currently working on a project which is causing me to order quite a bit on-line. Actually, 10 orders, not including this Victory order. I have received all but one, and that one was ordered 1/26, and shipped on 1/30.

          • Hi William,

            As noted above, they were a bit overwhelmed by the holidays response to their Starter Kits for $.01.

            Victory Cig users say that all of their orders are being received on time and without delay – but the free kits are still out of stock. Hopefully, they will catch up with the demand soon.

            - Robert

      4. I tried the victory cigs earlier this week, and immediately put in my monthly home delivery order for refill cartridges. They are damn good IMO

      5. I ordered the big starter kit on December 30,2012. I have yet to get my order in almost a month later. I have called. I have emailed. I get the same run around every time. They are backed up for the holidays and its been processed and was suppose to be here by Jan. 23rd but it never showed up. When I call the automatic call system hangs up on me half the time when I become caller number 1. I have waited 30 minutes on the line each time I and hardly ever get to speak to a person. When I do they assure me it will be in the next week but the website says its still processing. I am beyond furious and when I email they say to call!!!! And I call and wait for ever only to be hung up on. The worse customer service ever!!! Buyer beware. They have taken on more than they can chew with the expansion of their company and don’t have to people to back it up.

        • Hi Lesley,

          From what I have heard, the company had a setback and gave away too many free starter kits. They have ramped up production, and expect to be back to capacity soon.


      6. I took advantage of their recent Groupon offer and am very pleased. It did take a while to receive the starter kit after placing the order, but it arrived within two weeks. Thus far, and after 25 years of smoking 1.5 packs a day, I’m on my 5th day without a traditional cigarette. Needless to say, I’m pleasantly surprised.

        • My daughter got me the Groupon deal for my birthday. What a great experience! It works great. Great taste. Good “smoke”. I’ve been using less of my regular cigarettes, which was her purpose of getting this for me. I really like it. I spend most of my day between a big recliner, and the back porch, as I’m physically disabled, and use a cane to get painfully around. I spend a lot of time on my laptop. Now I don’t really have to go out to the porch to smoke when I need one. I just pick up the Victory E-Cig, and puff away without offending, or causing others harm! Even the big cat stays on my lap. or legs. A great product. I’ll be ordering some more cartomizers here soon.

      7. Worst experience ever. I ordered the starter kit with a groupon code on dec 30 2012, it’s said that my order would be shipped out within 2 1/2 weeks. But after 1 month, multiple emails, many 2hrs of brining on hold with costumer service,I have yet to receive my order and when I check the status online,its still under “processing”. I would not recommend this product to anyone because of the poor service. You will only waste time, effort and money if you order from them.

        • Hi Megan,

          I understand your concerns with victory cigs, and their free starter kit offer apparently overwhelmed their company with too many orders to keep up with. This has happened with almost all of the e cig companies that I have heard of at one point or another, and is common with smaller companies that are experiencing tremendous growth. According to the company, all of their regular e cigarette orders and refills went out on time, but some of the free starter kits that went out around Christmas went out late – they were just overwhelmed and unprepared for such a huge response…If you decide to give them a chance when you get your starter kit, I am sure you will be very happy in the future

          - Robert

      8. Hi Robert,

        I tried out Victory cigs and was pleasantly surprised. It is a good vapor production unit, and the taste is darn good too with their eliquid. My free kit was a little slow to arrive- nearly 3 weeks- but to be fair I ordered during the holidays – and found it to be worth the wait. Hope this helps, Buddy

      9. The best thing is to quit that disgusting habit once for all, NO sokems, NO ecigs. Spend your money for a better reason . it is all in your head. I spent half of my years i live smoking, now i am training daily (quit smoking) and thats the best thing ive ever done. **** i regret so much i was a smoker :( sooooo much i wanna forget it.

      10. What on earth is a “sokems” ??? I tried looking the term up. No luck. I know for sure it’s not a medical term, I was a medical
        professional for 30 years. What languages I know besides English, it’s not a word I know. I haven’t heard it used anywhere in the US, or other countries I’ve been in. Please translate! As for “it all being in your head” I call B.S. on that! Nicotine is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. It’s been found to be the most addictive substance known. More addictive than heroin! It’s a physical, NOT psychological addiction! So, I ask, this spending your money for a better reason, is it this “daily taining to quit smoking” that you’re doing now? Why, if it’s “all in your head”, are you paying for training to quit??? Just how MUCH is this costing you? I bet it’s NOT cheap! You would’ve been much better off, and would have stayed off if you had switched to E Cigs , and tapered down to zero over a period of time painlessly, and would have stayed off, where these training programs that you pay high dollar for, also have a very high failure rate! Good luck! Pleas, though, go elsewhere, and preach, as we’ve ALL heard this FAR to many times from non smoker, and especially ex smoker alike!

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