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    My 7′s are the epitome of the e cigarette “with the most”. Why do I say this? Because Choice 7′s offers low priced e cigs, high priced e cigs, and everything in between. While most No. 7 e cigarette users talk about how much they like their portable charging cases, they also offer a nice assortment of e liquids, blank cartridges, and everything else you need to fill them. They have outdone most of their rivals with unique packaging, innovative design, and bundles – but what most people really want to know about is the performance and the price. We go over it all in this Choice 7′s e cigarette review.

    Choice 7′s offers starter kits beginning at $29.99, but their most popular e cigarette kit is their Two Kit. The Two Kit is $59.95, and has just as many products in it as the V2 Standard Kit going for $79.95. The Choice 7′s Two Kit includes:

    My 7's ReviewsSix cartridge refills
    2 Batteries
    1 USB Charger
    1 Wall Charger
    30 day money back guarantee
    90 day warranty on defective parts
    Worldwide shipping

    The $29.99 starter kit comes with just one battery, one USB charger, and 4 refill cartridges.

    Choice 7′s Cartridges and eLiquid

    My 7′s cartridge refill 10 Packs (aka Cartomizers) are about $5 more than comparable brands, so where you get the savings on the kit. you wind up paying more each month. A favorite option of users to lower the cost per cartridge is to just go ahead and get the cartridge refills in packs of 40 ($99.95), where your cost per cartridge drops from $3.20 to $2.50.

    If you want to fill your own cartridges to economize – My 7′s has what you need at a reasonable price. You can get your My 7′s eliquid for:

    15ml bottle – $15.99
    30ml bottle – $29.99 – 6.5% savings over 15ml bottle
    60ml bottle – $54.99 – 8% savings over 30ml bottle

    My 7's E Cigs Website

    Choice 7′s Flavors

    They have a nice assortment of different flavors, with most users raving about how sweet and delicious they are. When you buy your cartridges in bulk, you can pick a different flavor for every 2 cartridges. So, with a 10 pack – you can choose 5 different flavors, and with a 40 pack – you can select 20 if you like. If you like a buffet of different choices – then you are considering the right e cigarette brand.

    The Choice 7′s flavors include:


    Best Options

    Choice 7's RockPossibly the best option is the Choice 7′s His/Her Bundle Kit, which will save $10 when you buy 2 kits, and includes 2 separate carrying cases as well. The warranty with Choice 7′s is a little weak, being at only 90 days, but thankfully 80% of the defective units are returned during that time. Some users comment about wanting at least a 1 year warranty, but it doesn’t appear to be a deal-breaker for most.

    You will get 2 bottles of eLiquid and two extended-charge batteries with a Hybrid Kit priced at $99.95.

    A nice option with some of the Choice 7′s e cigarette kits are the storage cases that are included. These storage cases recharge the unit while they protect your e cig, and are a nice innovation. Another cool product is the My 7′s stealth battery (included with the higher priced kits) which allows the user to switch off the lighted tip.

    I really like the fact that you can change out the batteries in the My 7′s charging cases, which are typically not removable with other e cig brands. You can get the replacement batteries for just $9.97, so you won’t have to go out and get another charging case for $30 when the batteries no longer hold a charge.

    Choice 7′s Negatives

    Some folks in the forums complain about the batteries having their own special design, so they can’t be mixed and matched with a lot of the popular refill cartridges like the ones from V2Cigs (that can be matched with a lot of different cartridges). If you like Choice 7′s eJuice, you will likely just opt to use their batteries too.

    Overall, the company’s diversified assortment of options is pretty reasonable, and you can buy in bulk to get the Choice 7′s brand for the same price as the competition. They have a good product, solid customer service, and a reasonable warranty.

    Update: November 12, 2012 Our research has found that people interested in My 7′s E Cigs have been getting great results using the Two Kit and Hybrid Bundles.

    Example results in letters below.

    My 7s Testimonials

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      Thank you for dropping by - My name is Robert Jahor. I am an ex-smoker that broke free from tobacco cigarettes after 7 years of trying - by switching to e cigarettes instead. Please feel free to look around and make yourself at home. I am always here if you have any questions.


      9 thoughts on “My 7′s E Cigarette Review – See it Now!

      1. I had a good experience with Choice 7 so far..waz veryyyy happy with the vapor clouds it produce, but it wears down the batteries quickly :( (

        Mr Robert, do you know of any good batts I might be able to switch out with the cartos?

        • Hi Rosalie, I am glad you like the My 7′s – just send me a quick email and I will get you a list of recommended alternatives. I always bring a portable charging case with me when I have my choice 7′s, which is really nice because the PCC will fully recharge it about 6-8 times. You might want to think about that as an option also. I hope that helps


      2. My hubby and I were pleasantly surprised when we started up the choice 7s. They have supero premo vapor production and will deliver the nicotine most heavy smokers like us will like. Robert – we appreciate your time and effort in sharing the truth Sandy&Bob

        • Hi Sandy and Bob,

          Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I love the My 7′s and have a perm home delivery for refills from them. You are right – they really are top shelf!

          - Robert

      3. I bought the hybrid kit and couldn’t be happier. I have smoked menthols for 20 plus years and love 7′s menthol juice. It produces great vapor and the batteries for this thing last forever. The quality of the e-cig is top notch also so in my opinion this is a five star product.

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