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    The Envy Ego Tank is one of the newest additions to the Envy e cigarette product line, and although it is a bit larger than your average tobacco or e cigarette, it has some pretty attractive advantages. Having been a long-time smoker myself, when I tried electronic cigarettes for the first time, I must admit that I was disappointed by the performance of most top e cigs on the market. Envy’s newest addition is perfect for folks that really want and crave that thick and rich vapor. If performance and value are really important to you too, take a minute or two to check out my Envy Ego Tank Review below.

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    The first thing that comes to mind when you see the Envy Ego Tank is how much larger it is than your average e cigarette. This is because it has a larger eLiquid reservoir and vaporizing chamber inside – which generates bigger plumes of thick vapor. The Envy Ego Tank is available in 2 different economy starter kits and includes:

    Small Kit – $26.25

    Envy Ego Tank - Small Kit1 Battery (650 mAh)
    1 Tank Atomizer
    1 USB Wall Charger
    1 Regular Wall Charger
    10 Cartridges that hold 1 ml / eLiquid (they come pre-filled with Tobacco/Menthol Flavor)
    1 Stylish Carrying Case
    Free Shipping in the U.S.

    Benefits of the Ego Tank

    Most users like the fact that the cartridges hold a full ml of eLiquid – since you won’t need to refill for 10-14 days. While some folks claim that the Envy Ego Tank is too big for a vaping newbie, I completely disagree. Most newbs that try just one or two different e cigarette brands may not know that there is an e cig that delivers the performance that the Ego Tank does.

    In fact, I had the same experience myself, and once I had the opportunity to try the Ego Tank for myself – I remember saying that this is the way every e cigarette should be. Now don’t get me wrong – the Envy Ego Tank is not for everyone, especially for people that are lightweights or that more concerned about having a slender e cigarette. If those things are secondary to sheer performance and taste, then I advise you to give the Ego Tank a try.

    Envy E Cigs Website

    Large Kit – $37.50

    Envy Ego Tank - Large Kit2 Batteries (650/1000 mAh)
    2 Tank Atomizers (great to have a spare when the first one goes out)
    1 USB Wall Charger
    1 Regular Wall Charger
    10 Cartridges that hold 1 ml / eLiquid (they come pre-filled with Tobacco/Menthol Flavor)
    1 Stylish Carrying Case
    Free Shipping in the U.S.

    The Cost of Using The Envy Ego Tank

    You have to remember that you get these great thick plumes of vapor because the unit vaporizes more eLiquid per puff. You can get a 10 ml bottle of nicotine eJuice for $12.95, and blank cartridges are $4.50 for a 5-pack. The only real downside is that by using the Envy Ego Tank E cigarette, you have to use their cartridges. If this is a problem, you may want to look for another e cigarette.

    Since the Ego Tank is a 3 part e cigarette – this means it has a separate atomizer and cartridge. This means that you will have to clean the atomizer from time to time, and warm water with paper towels works the best for most. If you want an e cigarette without the added maintenance of having to unscrew and clean the atomizer, you may want to spend a little more time to check out the 2 part e cigs.

    Other Things To Consider with The Envy Ego Tank

    The Ego Tank also comes with a manual battery, so if pushing the button to activate the e cigarette is not your thing, then you will want to go with another e cigarette – perhaps the Envy Nirvana would be more to your liking. Serious vapers and heavy ex-smokers prefer the control that the manual battery provides. You just hold in the button for a second before inhaling to activate the unit, and this delivers a huge thick cloud of that wonderful vapor. Having an automatic battery on an e cigarette

    It doesn’t matter if you are new to vaping or a seasoned ex-smoker when it comes to the Envy Ego Tank. If performance is a major concern, and you want one of the most realistic “smoking-like” experiences with an e cigarette – it just makes sense to give it a try.

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    Envy E Cigs Site


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      Thank you for dropping by - My name is Robert Jahor. I am an ex-smoker that broke free from tobacco cigarettes after 7 years of trying - by switching to e cigarettes instead. Please feel free to look around and make yourself at home. I am always here if you have any questions.


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      1. The envy e cigarettes are pretty cool Robert. Did you ever try out the Envy Nirvana e cig?

        I like the small size, and was wondering what the vapor production is like on those-but would like more info b4 moving forwards with a purchase.Kay

        • I love my South Beach Smokes. I’m the only one of all my friends (so far) who smoke, that can sit in our liltte country store at morning coffee and smoke in doors. No smoke .no smell. I’m not coughing anymore. Holy cow, why didn’t I do this sooner. My friends are asking to try my South Beach cigarette. Can’t believe it’s only vapor coming out. They will be following me sooner than later. Thanks South Beach for getting be off real cigarettes so easily. If I could hug you I would.

          • Cheers, I already use 36mg lqiuid (!) and LR atties The provari is about a3200 apparently. is there anything cheaper that allows 6v vaping? I’ve never tried 6v a bit concerned about thebatteries though, they look a bit dodgy. Thanks again for your reply much appreciated as always George

      2. It was really hard modding e cigs for the past year and a half-Just to get the vapor I wanted LOL

        One actually caught fire! So glad I heard about Ego Tank thru your site, it is much better vapor all around, and the batteries last as long as the smaller e cigs.

        • This is just a scam invented by the cpmaony to get enviromentalist freaks to smoke more too plus they cost more then cigs and if one breaks your screwed for a week or two till they ship you a new one after you just paid a shit load of money for something that’s half assed and atleast real cigs are made in america

          • One of the most interesting things about the size of the Envy e cigarettes is that they still gives you as many big rips as smaller e cigs do. I tried the ez smoker on television before going with the ego tank, but it was no where near as good.

        • Stopping smoking is a prtety simple thing to do in principle. Maybe because of it sounding so easy it catches people off guard and ultimately makes it much more difficult to quit. There are a lot of products out there that can help you to stop smoking. Which is best for you depends on many factors and ultimately the only person that knows which is best for you is you.The best thing to do when you are looking to stop smoking is to find out what options you have, and then decide which sounds best for you.Here’s a website that lists the different things that are out there to help you stop smoking.

      3. My South Beach StoryBy Kimberly CumminsI have smoked for over 30 years. I did howeevr, quit 11 times. The longest was 1 year. I even lost my Dad to cancer and a boyfriend I really loved to cigarettes. One would think I would of learned my lesson .the answer is no. I tried everything on the market. From prescriptions to patches. Recently, I had a massive heart attack with a 1% chance of living. I died twice in the ambulance and went into emergency surgery. I have survived cervical cancer and also was recently diagnosed with Lupus SLE. Finally I listened to my team of doctors that have been telling me my whole life to quit I did! South Beach has saved my life. Along with several of my loved ones. My Mom, Husband, and several friends. I took my South Beach Smokes into to all my doctor’s offices and they all gave it their seal of approval. How about that! I started with their deluxe starter kit and then I started researching all the other brands out there. I am an info junky. I must know and try everything available to me to suggest the very best. After all, I am the go to girl for information. Anyone that knows me, will know I have the answer and if not I will get it. So my search for the perfect e-cigg was so very on. After several months of research which included mail ordering several different brands and lots of cash to start up kits. South Beach came out on top! So now I can confidently advise anyone who wants to quit, you have arrived to the right place. Right here at South Beach Smokes. After my heart attack, which by the way I’m only 45, one comes to wonder why I was spared. Most people go through several emotions till they get to being thankful. I am so very thankful I had the chance to save people I love from killing themselves from commercial cigarettes. Especially because they are loaded with all sorts of chemicals these days. The obvious of course, to the chemical that is fire proofing them. Which means that if you don’t drag on them or put them down in an ashtray they automatically go out. Of course the tobacco companies did not inform anyone of the change in their products because well, it all comes down to cold hard cash! If this story doesn’t convince you, I truly don’t know what will. But keep trying and please give yourself a chance at a new life and in doing so maybe save the ones you love to aging quite nicely along with you.Thank You South Beach for saving my life.Respectfully,Kimberly Cummins

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